Friday, April 1, 2011

Penyebab Stress & Reaksinya

Tiap personality memiliki penyebab yang membuat mereka menjadi stress dan reksi yang ditimbulkan juga berbeda-beda.

Kekuatan dan Kelemahan Utama

Tiap tiap personality memiliki kekuatan dan kelemahan, oleh karena itu mari kita pelajari...

The food industry annually spends over £10,5 bilion on cemicals to add to food and alter it.

All food (include chemicals) but processors add a vast range of extra chemicals, so-called additives, to food (and these additives have become a gigatic business). On average, people in developed world consume 6-7kg of chemical additives every year.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kolesterol Jahat dan Baik

Dalam makanan dan tubuh terdapat kolesterolbaikd an jahat, oleh sebab itu perlu diketahui terlebih dahulu apa dan bagaimana bentuk kolesterol itu sendiri.

The Mouth

The mouth controls what is probably the most important part of the digestive process : chewing. Chewing your food thoroughly is the best single best way to promote good digestion. Since digestive enzymes act only on the surface of the food that is presented to them, the rate and completeness of digestion are directly related to the total surface area of food that is exposed to these digestive enzymes. A human being's relatively weak digestive enzymes can never completely do the work that is left undone by poor chewing.

Ciri - Ciri Fisik & Penampilan

Setiap kepribadian memiliki ciri - ciri fisik dan penampilan yang berbeda.

Colour Effect

Colour meaning in every culture have different meaning.

Is the sum off all colour in terms of additive colour mixing.
It's perfect, and symbolises light, purely, modesty, truth, neutrality, intelligence, science and precision - but also stand for emptiness and the unknown.
Anything intended to be hygienic is also white.
Being "whiter the white" suggests irreproachable behavior.
The word "candidate" coma from the Latin "Candidus" and Means gleaming white, snow-white, natural, straight-forward and sincere.
White is not colour; is achromatic.

Light & Colour

  • Light is Colourless
  • Perceiving colour is simply a human sensory experience, usually caused by physical stimulus.
  • The colour stimulus can either directly from the light source or indirectly, via the surface of solid.
  • Additive colours (light colours) are created by light addition.
The Little Know-it-All
Common Sense for Designer
By Deigestatalten Verlag

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kebutuhan Emotional Dasar

Kebutuhan emosi dasar yang terdapat 4 macam personality yang meliputi Koleris, sanguinis, melankolis dan Phlegmatis.

Perencanaan & Persiapan diri (Planning & Self Preparation)

Sasaran suatu wawancara biasanya adalah
The target of interview usually is
  • Meningkatkan kinerja seseorang (to improve someone performance)
  • Mengukur atau meningkatkan moril, motivasi, atau sikap. (to measure or improve morale, motivation, or attitude)